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You will wonder why you have paid so much for so long !

Versatile presses don\'t necessarily deliver the best price. Printers often buy versatile presses that can print a variety of work - it makes sense for them to be able to print a variety of different work. Unfortunately while it suits printers it does not give the best results for buyers of print. Matching the right job to the right press can save 30% of the cost of a job. With our years of experience and our wide range of suppliers we can match jobs to presses and generate savings. Simply give us a job to quote - you will certainly wonder why you have paid so much for so long.

40% savings

A large print programme delivered over the last 3 years has generated 40% savings compared with previous prices (ignoring inflation) - the purchasing director (not surprisingly) is delighted

Print audit - 30% further

A print audit at a large agency reveals that, although they are buying at or around market rate, Sharper buying offers them the potential to make tight budgets go 30% further.